Vieša paskaita "The rule of law crisis in the European Union: what role for the EU Court of Justice?"

The lecture is read at a time when the relevance of the topic is peaking. The European University Institute has recently described it as the most existential challenge to the EU. As two EU countries - Poland and Hungary – are in a situation when the breaches of the principle of the rule of law have become systemic, yet there are signs that the problem might spread also in the other Member States.
The lecture will focus on the role of the EU Court of Justice in addressing this crisis. It will take place at 16:20 at room MRU LAB 101 and will be given by prof. Peter van Elsuwege from Ghent University (Belgium).
  • Renginio data: 2018-05-09
  • Renginio laikas: 16:20
  • Adresas: Mykolo Romerio universitetas, MRU LAB 101 aud.
    Druskininkai, Vilnius